Stolen Magic

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Stolen Magic is our all natural plant feed for optimal, healthy plant growth. This microbial liquid fertilizer is specially formulated as an all-in-one feed to supply macronutrients and essential trace elements to plants. Stolen Magic supplies plants with their NPK intake to create hormones that stimulate root growth, increase surface absorption, protect from pathogenic soil viruses & leads to overall healthier plants. 

Suitable for all plant types including aroids, succulents, edibles and airplants. Dilute concentrate in water and pour into soil, or dilute further and use to root cuttings.

Recommended Usage:
• Do not store under sunlight
• Do not use with other fertilisers or pesticides
• Use once a week

Contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium*, Vitamin A & B, Fish Emulsion.

*NPK values are not chemically controlled but guaranteed < 4 and as low as 1 with every batch.