DIY Terrarium Kit

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An activity kit for weekends with the little ones in collaboration with Tiny Toes ( for good clean fun!

What’s inside:
Glass Bowl
Colored Sand
1 set of Mini Figurines*
1 pot of Fittonia Plant*
1 set of Terrarium Soil Mix
Tiny Toes Hand Sanitizer
Mini Potting Mat*

*Total kit value worth $90
*Colour / Styles selected at random. No choice allowed.

About Tiny Toes
Tiny Toes is a maker of gentler, cleaner products made with your little ones in mind. The hand sanitizer and moisturizing gel is the first product based off a gentle formula suitable for all ages. Free of Parabens, Phthalates and Sulfates, Tiny Toes contains an intentionally low, yet 99.9% bacteria-combative formula of just 70% ethyl alcohol. Quick-drying, non-sticky and moisturizing with aloe vera. Learn more at / www.instagram/tinytoes.official